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With over 600 site visits and numerous online seminars I have worked with them all. I am an expert Medical Spa Consultant that travels the country visiting and improving various medical spas. I have been intimately involved in the industry for over 20 years, and has developed some great working relationships along the way.

“I wanted to personally reach out and extend appreciation and thanks on behalf of my staff and myself for your support thus far.

It was an absolute pleasure to have started the journey into the aesthetic world with the support of Aesthetic circle, specifically Lindsey and Becky. Everything that I have thoughts about setting up into practice but could not properly coordinate has begun to materialize professionally, efficiently and better than I would have imagined because of the Aesthetic circle.

Recently, my staff and I had the opportunity to engage in training with Becky at our clinic. Becky is bright, enthusiastic and her love for her career shines through in her training sessions.

Becky used her experience and knowledge from start to finish. She opened our eyes to the client experience from the moment they walk through our clinic doors . She was very meticulous in addressing the layout of the clinic, procedure room, and pointed out little details to enhance the ambience of our space. She emphasized the benefit of using decor as a mode of advertising and creating flow from the corridors to the procedure room.

She also focused on the promotion of services as well as providing full training on patient consultation and the art of adding value to our services with packages, promotions and key selling points. While we have only begun our work with Aesthetic Circle , my staff and I are thrilled to see how this all unfolds successfully.”
Dr Sookdeo

“I want to express my gratitude for Lindsey and Aesthetic Circle. They have given me the confidence to build the type of business/Spa I have dreamed of creating. Lindsey has led me to be in a place of strength and I am forever thankful for her knowledge and guidance.”
Dr Josh Headley
The ChiroSpa

“Working with Aesthetic Circle to begin our cosmetic services and grow our brand has been a wonderful experience. It was very helpful to have Becky come to our clinic to help us set up our space and guide us on our consultation process with clients to be successful. The help did not stop there, she is always available to put me in contact with the people and resources I need as I come across new needs for our services. I was grateful for the introduction she gave me to a social media company to help with growing our social media side of the practice. When I had supplies that needed to be printed, Becky put me in contact with Halle at Aesthetic Circle to create and print whatever we needed. Halle was great as she created files for me to use for occasions that I hadn’t even thought about. The one thing that stands out to me the most, is the time that both Becky and Halle took to congratulate me on a successful open house I had. It made me feel like they cared about me and our success. It made me feel like I was more than just an account to them. Thank you to Becky, Halle and the Aesthetic Circle team for all that you have done for our Medical Aesthetic practice. “
Lisa Vandelune,
Owner of Sioux Valley Family Health
“Lindsey at Aesthetic Circle is absolutely phenomenal! She has made everything so easy and seamless. She has incredible ideas, excellent follow through and she’s very knowledgeable. She has saved us a great deal of time and helped us to grow our business exponentially.”
Kamee RN/Owner,
Integrative Rejuvenation

“My staff, Ricardo, and I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to come to California to train us and give us amazing pearls of wisdom! We learned so much and could not thank you enough. We will definitely consider all of your input and suggestions to help us develop a successful medical spa. You were amazing and my staff cannot stop talking about how impressed they were with your knowledge and tips. We will update you with our progress!! Dr. M and Dr. R at SOMA Medical Spa many new client treatment packages and greatly increased our revenues. This workshop is well worth the time and money and I strongly recommend it.”
Julieta Moran, MD

“The marketing strategies we learned helped us attract dozens of new clients in the first month. The biggest benefit though was the confidence we gained through role-playing that has helped us sell many new client treatment packages and greatly increased our revenues. This workshop is well worth the time and money and I strongly recommend it.
Sara Tate, Manager
Eternolei Cosmetic Medical Spa

“We appreciate you Lindsey! We love the support you give. Business is picking up after you came in so you know I am excited!!!!! Sales this week are already around $8k!!!!

Lindsey came out to our office to help us build our business. We are a new med spa and loved the feedback. Lindsey is super knowledgeable and was so helpful. We walked through the entire flow of the office. She had marketing materials for us and a great way to get new leads with a 30 second questionnaire. Lindsey left nothing out.

The best part was that they produce pricing for all the services we offer. They do the research and it made it easy on us. We would love to have Lindsey visit our office anytime. She was professional and knows her stuff! This is a great place to go if you’re a new med spa or want to build up an existing office.”

Jessica Rael, Brenda Duran,
Dr. James Leffingwell
Refining Beauty