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Into Your Practice

Have you ever wondered if cosmetic medicine would be a good fit
for your already successful medical practice?

We have worked within countless different medical specialties that have made cosmetic medicine a great service to offer their clients and a profitable extension of their current practice. My industry expertise as a medical spa consultant allows me to fully understand all that is needed to make cosmetic medicine a profitable extension of your business. From training, staffing, marketing, purchasing of equipment, laser training and consultation. I have years of experience in implementing all the necessary steps of a successful cosmetic medical business.















On-site consulting is the best way to jump-start your existing aesthetic practice or get your new business off to a profitable start. We have worked with over 600 practices in 19 different specialties to provide clinical, marketing, business & sales training.



















We enjoy working as a remote medical spa consultant, and can work with you on an assortment of individual customized projects from my menu of services. Programs include: marketing, staffing, equipment purchasing, merchandising, product selection, performing comprehensive client consultations that sell, advanced spa training, laser light training for new staff.





“We love the support you give. Business is picking up after you came in so you know I am excited! Sales this week are already around $8k!”

Jessica Rael | Refining Beauty

Your Medical Aesthetics Marketing Experts


Packages from Aesthetic Circle Consulting include comprehensive in-house marketing materials so that your practice looks impressively professional. Schedule a call with a team member today so we can help you refine your brand and provide your custom materials to help you sell.

Aesthetics Marketing Materials