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Meet Our Team


Owner of Aesthetic Circle Consulting and Practice Management Consultant with over 25 years of industry experience in sales, marketing, education and management. A licensed Aesthetician & National Educator with a clinical background and a passion for training colleagues on how to perform a Cosmetic Consultation.

In her 8 years as a Senior Advisor with top Practice Management Consulting firm, Cindy Graf Consulting, she worked with over 600 physicians and medical spa owners to successfully open and market their cosmetic practice. Partnering with laser industry leaders such as Alma, InMode, Lumenis, Cutera and Cartessa she has personally guided their clients to ensure a profitable cash cosmetic business.  She has traveled the country educating physicians and their staff on the “Art of the Cosmetic Consultation”. She trains on how to turn patients in to cosmetic clients with her impeccable ability to cross-sell to create an “Aesthetic Circle” of repeat customers.

With her extensive background in medical spa management she assists her clients in layout, design, staffing, technology/product selection, pricing, marketing and more! As owner and lead practice management consultant, Lindsey’s primary goal is to ensure you have a successful and profitable cosmetic practice through her and her team’s education and consulting.



Sarah has been a licensed Esthetician since 2003! She has an extensive background in the Aesthetic market from being a Medical Spa Manager, Spa Director, Spa Owner and Lead Esthetician. In 2011 she became an Outside Sales Consultant for a pharmaceutical skin care and makeup company and 2 years ago started a new position in a Medical Aesthetic roll as an Aesthetic Experience Manager selling a brand new neurotoxin! Sarah has a true passion for this industry that is always evolving and changing!


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a heavy emphasis on Marketing and Social Media, Halle brings years of experience to Aesthetic Circle Consulting. Her extensive background in aesthetics include: front desk executive, social media/marketing lead, and special event support. She has worked with countless salon/spas, medical spas and a wellness boutique. Halle’s admiration & enthusiasm for the aesthetic industry continues to grow while working with new spa owners and physicians to market and grow their business.



Maya is a Strategy Specialist with Aesthetic Circle Consulting and lives in Nashville, TN. Over the past five years, she has worked as an esthetician in various settings including a dermatology office and a large franchise. Maya is laser certified, proficient in chemical peels, and has performed many different medical grade facials. Additionally, she has trained team members on consultations, and how to better the client experience. Maya’s goal is to help clients be successful by providing marketing ideas and her aesthetic industry expertise to help practices retain and gain clients.


Licensed in the beauty industry since 2004, Becky knows how to make people feel confident and successful. A former salon owner herself, Becky knows what it takes to start a brand-new business and make it grow.

As both a Group Fitness Manager and a Master Trainer for an International Fitness Company for over a decade, Becky learned to understand and adapt her approach to different learning styles – a skill she now uses as a consultant for physicians and other medical spa owners. Becky takes the time to get to know each new client and how she can best support them, their business and their teams. Becky has a gift for making people feel at ease, even in a fast-paced industry. Her background in educating others helps minimize the sense of overwhelm new clients can feel as they learn new skills and technologies. She also has a great eye for interior design—which comes in handy, as many of our clients are transitioning from the typical medial office setting to more stylish, luxurious space people look forward to visiting.  

Becky’s expertise and guidance have reached nearly every part of the globe, and she’s excited to bring her energy and passion for education, leadership, and team development to Aesthetic Circle, her clients, and their teams. Her sparkling, infectious energy will motivate anyone who meets her!



Christina comes with over 15 years of experience in the medical field in many different specialties from Pediatrics, Dermatology, and her latest venture in Plastic Surgery.  Christina obtained her nursing license back in 2010 where she worked alongside top Pediatric doctors at the University of Chicago. While she loved living in the Windy City, Christina and her husband took a leap of faith and decided to take a one-way trip to south Florida in 2014. Christina quickly realized her passion for the aesthetic world living in south Florida and decided to become a licensed esthetician.  With a nursing and facial specialist license, she gained a vast amount of knowledge working at the Glick Skin Institute of south Florida.  She then captured the attention of a very well-known plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale and was asked to manage their boutique practice as well as assist with medical and cosmetic surgeries.   Christina’s appreciation for aesthetics continues to grow every day and she remains eager to continue to learn in the cosmetic industry.


With a career spanning over 18 years in the medical spa industry, Courtney Stewart brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Aesthetic Circle Consulting!

Courtney is a licensed Aesthetician that has delivered countless client consultations and performed a diverse array of laser and skin treatments. For the past 15 years, Courtney has dedicated her expertise to one of the country’s most renowned and prestigious med spas in the country. She was involved with multiple facets of the business, encompassing practice development, marketing, graphic design, treatment protocols, and researching potential treatments, laser devices, and products to bring into the practice.

Education is something Courtney is passionate about and she has collaborated closely with respected doctors and industry leaders developing comprehensive training programs in areas such as lasers, eyelash extensions, and aesthetic injecting. Driven by her knowledge and research regarding cosmetic lasers, in 2022 she authored a comprehensive training manual on laser and light modalities that is utilized in courses that enable Aestheticians to obtain an advanced license in the state of Nevada.

Courtney loves the aesthetic industry and the opportunities it provides for both those providing and receiving treatments! She thrives on connecting and learning from others in the industry while sharing her expertise and experiences to empower others to achieve success in this ever-evolving world of medical aesthetics.


Since 2004 Dan has been the owner of Straight Edge Marketing which has grown into a nation-wide network of marketing production professionals spanning the country and making a tangible difference in the bottom lines of hundreds of client companies.

Dan is excited to be a member of the Aesthetic Circle team and brings over 15 years of experience to the table.